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Serious Side Effects Linked to Birth Control Pills

Jacky Gale | November 13th, 2014
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Since the FDA first approved oral contraception in 1960, there has been a veritable explosion of choices available to women. Unfortunately, many of them have been linked to serious side effects, such as blood clot complications from Yaz and Yasmin. Others have been associated with psychologically damaging side effects, such as hair loss. Although women do lose an average of… Read more »

Should Birth Control Pills be Available Over the Counter?

Jacky Gale | October 16th, 2014
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In light of the recent public criticism regarding Yaz blood clots, more women may be examining the potential risks of their current birth control method and considering switching to a different pill. If some legislators have their way, they might soon be able to do so without even visiting a doctor’s office. While it might seem as though over-the-counter (OTC)… Read more »

Hormonal Birth Control Pills: Benefits and Health Risks

Ava Lawson | October 3rd, 2014
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Since its introduction in 1962, the hormonal birth control pill has been used by millions of American women to prevent unwanted pregnancies. In fact, four out of five women in the United States have either used the pill or are currently taking it. Today’s oral contraceptives have come a long way, offering many more options, including regimens with 21 days… Read more »

Vasalgel Male Birth Control Available by 2017

Ava Lawson | September 18th, 2014
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Vasalgel, a non-hormonal injection for men, may revolutionize safe sex in the United States.  This male birth control is expected to hit markets by 2017, offering consumers a novel alternative to condoms, intrauterine devices and oral contraceptives – all of which carry their own risks, side effects and potential health complications. Developed by the Parsemus Foundation, Vaselgel has proven successful… Read more »

New Study on Birth Control Breast Cancer Risk

Whitney Taylor | September 4th, 2014
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Even as concerns over blood clot risks with some oral contraceptives are growing, a new study has also raised questions about birth control breast cancer risk. The recent study, conducted by researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington, found that some types of birth control pills could raise a woman’s risk for breast cancer by as… Read more »