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Connecting the Dots: Yaz to Gallbladder Disease to Surgery to Court

Sarah Klein | March 25th, 2011

Yaz and Yasmin appear to have an increased instance of gallbladder disease associated with them. As a result, women all over the country have taken their own diagnosis straight to a Yaz lawyer to determine whether they should join in the growing Yaz litigation.

The gallbladder is a saclike organ located under the liver. Its primary function is to store and concentrate bile produced in the liver. Bile assists in the digestion of fat, and is released into the upper small intestine during digestion.

Gallbladder disease is a term used to describe all disorders affecting the gallbladder and includes inflammation, infection, stones, or blockage. Reports of Yaz gallbladder and subsequent gallbladder removal are occurring at an alarming rate, as evidenced by the increasing number of Yaz lawsuit filings, warranting a closer look into the connection between the popular birth control and the condition.

Common Yaz  gallbladder diseases and disorders:

  • Obstruction
  • Inflammation
  • Cholelithiasis -gallstone formation
  • Cholecystitis- inflammation of the gallbladder or cystic duct (a small tube that connects the gallbladder to the common bile duct where bile is released into the intestines).
  • Acalculous cholecystopathy (less common)- condition that produces pain, called biliary colic, without gallstones, and is believed to be caused by abnormal motility possibly obstructing the cystic duct.

Yaz gallbladder removal surgery options

Women who use oral contraceptives, particularly those who take Yaz, Yasmin, and their generics seem to be more susceptible to gallbladder disease. Since there is an increased incidence of this disease in females, an association with female sex hormones has been proposed. It is thought that the hormone-drospirenone- found in the fourth generation birth control pills contribute to the higher incidence of the condition among women who use them.

Many of the women who become ill as a result of the birth control pills will require Yaz gallbladder removal surgery in a procedure called a “cholecystectomy.” This procedure is most commonly done as a laparoscopic surgery, which a minimally invasive surgery using a special medical device called a laparoscope.

Laproscopic gallbladder removal

The surgery is usually done under a general anesthesia with the surgeon making 3 or 4 small incisions into the abdomen or belly. Gas is pumped in to expand the abdomen allowing the surgeon more space to move and look around. Then the laparoscope and other instruments are inserted, the gall bladder is located, the bile duct and blood vessels that connect to the gallbladder are cut and the gallbladder is removed. During the procedure the surgeon may perform a special x-ray called a cholangiogram in order to locate the common bile duct which must remain intact after the gallbladder is removed. The dye used during the x-ray can also be useful in locating stones, if present, that have moved out of the gallbladder into surrounding ducts. Since this procedure is minimally invasive most patients are allowed to return home on the same day as the procedure.

“Open” Cholecystectomy

If the surgeon is unable to safely remove the gallbladder while performing a laparoscopic procedure then an “open” cholecystectomy will need to be performed instead. In this procedure the surgeon must make a large incision into the abdomen, usually 5 to 7 inches in the upper right just below the ribs. The surgeon then must reach in and remove the gallbladder by hand. This procedure is considered a major abdominal surgery and patients may need to stay in the hospital for a few days.

Gallstone treatment

There are other non-surgical treatments but only for patients with gallstones, which are hard pebble-like deposits that form inside the gallbladder. These treatments include medications such as chenodeoxycholic acid or ursodeoxycholic acid which can be used to dissolve the stones, and lithotripsy, which is a medical procedure that uses shock waves to break up the stones into smaller pieces allowing them to pass naturally from the body.

From gallbladder removal surgery to Yaz lawsuit

Too many women with Yaz gallbladder disease have been forced to have gallbladder removal surgery. Even more face the prospect of having the procedure in the future. Life after gallbladder removal is never the same, as the body learns to function without one of its major digestive organs. Diets must be closely monitored, frequent bouts of nausea are common, and other post-surgical problems may be occur. Women who have been through the ordeal may have a strong Yaz lawsuit.